You know your stuff. It's time you shared it.

You have a passion for your work and a treasure trove you'd like to share. Create your claim within the scholarly conversation and get organized.

When your claim is ready to share, create your best presentation with audio visuals and get ready to wow your audience.

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction & Overview
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  • 02
    Module 1: Goals and Objectives
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    • Getting Started with Goals and Objectives
    • Goals and Objectives Worksheet Downloadable
    • Why start with goals and objectives?
  • 03
    Module 2: Find Your Story
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    • What story should you tell?
    • The Hero's Journey
    • Hero's Journey
    • Lisa Cron- Everything is Story
    • Story... How Does It Help Your Presentation?
    • Story and your Main Goal
  • 04
    Module 3: Do Your Research
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    • How do I read this?
    • Reading and Evaluating Research Downloadable
    • Presenting Data
  • 05
    Module 4: Remember Critical Thinking
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    • A Quick Review
    • Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools Downloadable
  • 06
    Module 5: Engage in the Conversation
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    • Entering the Conversation
    • Your Presentation Guide, part 1
    • Presentation Worksheet Downloadable
  • 07
    Module 6: Write and Format
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    • More considerations as you create your presentation
    • Your Presentation Guide, part 2
    • Templates -- entering the conversation, introducing the voices of research perspectives, and connecting the parts -- Downloadable
    • APA Style Help
    • What About Plagiarism?
  • 08
    Module 7: Audiovisual Best Practices
    Show details
    • What about audiovisuals?
    • Prezi Tutorial
  • 09
    Module 8: Communicate "Live"
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    • Take a breath and go!
    • Going Live!
    • Be Yourself!
  • 10
    Module 9: Handle Problems Like a Boss
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    • What if everything goes wrong?
    • How to Handle Presentation Problems
    • Handle Problems with Grace and Style
    • Handle Problems with Grace and Style -- Downloadable
  • 11
    Module 10: Give a Talk--General Advice
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    • More advice from experts
    • Chris Anderson TED
    • Julian Treasure- Speak So People Listen
  • 12
    Module 11: Market Yourself
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    • Self-Promotion the Right Way
    • Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
    • The 30-Second Elevator Speech
    • Writing Your Bio
  • 13
    Conclusion: Put it All Together
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    • Thanks for participating!

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