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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome and Hello!
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    • Membership Eligibility
  • 02
    Monthly Study Group
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    • Welcome to our monthly Study Group!
  • 03
    Facebook Forum
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    • Moderated Forum
  • 04
    Discounts and Deals
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    • Discounts and Deals
  • 05
    Basic Training Video Resources
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    • Phase 1: History Taking
    • Phase 2: Mechanics
    • Phase 2: Safe Place
    • Phase 3: Assessment
    • Phase 4: Desensitization
    • Phase 5: Installation
    • Phase 6: Body Scan
    • Phase 7: Closure
    • Incomplete Target
  • 06
    Downloadable Resources- Basic Training
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    • Basic Training Essentials
    • Assessments
  • 07
    Free Stuff from the Internet- Client Resources
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    • What is EMDR
  • 08
    Curt & Michelle OC CAMFT 2018
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  • 09
    Videos from Curt
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    • What EMDR is NOT!
  • 10
    Treatment planning
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    • How to do a treatment plan (video)
  • 11
    Affect Scan
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    • How to do an Affect Scan when a client is stuck or looping, in Phase 4 (video). Note that the BLS are edited for ease of viewing.
  • 12
    Cognitive Interweaves
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    • Simple Cognitive Interweave (video) Note that BLS is edited for ease of viewing.
  • 13
    Dealing with looping via mechanical changes
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    • Dealing with looping with mechanical changes
  • 14
    Dealing with an incomplete target
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    • How to shut down an incomplete target, including using a container (notice the BLS is slow when doing this), Safe/Calm place. How then to open up the incomplete target next session, starting with Phase 8, then starting the reprocessing again.
  • 15
    The mechanics of BLS
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    • How to do Bilateral Stimulation (video)
  • 16
    Working with Children
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    • Working with 16 year-old
    • Working with 12-year old
    • Working with a 6-year old
  • 17
    TICES Grid
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    • TICES Grid
  • 18
    Reverse Protocol
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    • Robbie Adler-Tapia's Reverse Protocol
  • 19
    Information about Negative Cognitions and Positive Cognitions
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    • How to get an NC
    • Rules for NCs and PCs
  • 20
    Blocking Beliefs
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    • How to work with Blocking Beliefs
  • 21
    Understanding AIP
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    • If you have questions about AIP, you will want to watch this video!
  • 22
    Future Template
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    • How to do a Future Template
  • 23
    Protocols in different languages. Please be aware that we cannot verify the accuracy of any of these scripts.
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    • Spanish
    • Korean
  • 24
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    • Container exercise
    • another container exercise
  • 25
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    • Helpful articles
  • 26
    Butterfly Hug
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    • Butterfly hug
  • 27
    Adaptations for clients with complex trauma
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    • Adaptations for complex trauma with Curt and Michelle
  • 28
    How to introduce BLS to your clients
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    • How to introduce BLS to your clients
  • 29
    Fillable forms
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    • Fillable forms
    • different treatment plans
    • Phases
    • other forms
  • 30
    EMDR Therapy in the Context of the History of Psychology -- Special Video by Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D.
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    • Curt Rouanzoin -- EMDR Therapy in the Context of the History of Psychology

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