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Instructor: Arnold "AJ" Popky, Ph.D.

Arnold (AJ) Popky was instrumental in the founding of the EMDR Institute with Francine Shapiro and Robbie Dunton, is Certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Dr. Popky specializes in PTSD and addiction. He developed the DeTUR AAIP urge protocol for  addictions and dysfunctional behaviors which he has presented in workshops and conferences internationally. His work can be found in EMDR Solutions by Robin Shapiro, PhD, EMDR Tool Box by Jim Knipe, PhD and in Scripted Protocols by Marilyn Luber, PhD. He is also affiliated with Re-Boot Resort camp working with our wounded warriors. Dr. Popky presently has a private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA, and trains and consults to DoD therapists at military bases around the globe, along with several drug rehabilitation centers.

Dr. Popky is a charter member of the Marine Corps League DIV. 1277. Previously he spent 30 years in sales and marketing at high technology Silicon Valley electronics and computer companies and as a computer engineer at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg AFB.  

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About this course

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Our participants say it best.

Course reviews of A.J. Popky's DeTUR video training

“I appreciated the in-depth probing of the dynamics surrounding and supporting the attachment to a substance and then the application of the AIP EMDR Model.”

“This was a great way to learn this method from the person who created it. Lots of examples to learn from seeing it actually done.”

“I really enjoyed the training. I feel more confident in my abilities as a result of the information shared and skills learned.”

“Amazing! AJ Popky was such a knowledgeable, yet humble and engaging trainer. This was much more than a training on the DETUR. It was also a review of how to practice EMDR and be a compassionate, intuitive therapist.”

“I had the privilege of learning from AJ back in the late 90’s at an EMDRIA conference and have used his protocol since that time. It was great to attend the course all these years later and to remember that much of how I work with clients was strongly influenced by AJ. Thank you for capturing his wisdom so that many more people will be able to take his wisdom into the work they do with their clients. An excellent training with great demonstrations.”

“This is one of the best courses I have had the privilege of taking. Even though I took the course online, it was filled with knowledge as well as many practical examples that helped with the understanding of the protocol. I love how much flexibility this eclectic approach has and how promising it is to healing those with maladaptive coping strategies.”

“Enlightening. This was a great training to watch and learn from. I am excited to use it in sessions coupled with EMDR but to focus on triggers/urges/maladaptive behaviors. I was unable to attend/sign up for a live course due to conflict and I was worried watching a training would not be effective but it was great!”

“This was a very convenient way to access the training directly from AJ. The videos and demonstrations are super helpful. I loved having the scripts of most of the demonstrations. I feel confident giving this approach a try!”

“A.J. Popky transpires passion, love, commitment, creativity, and easy to use steps to support people struggling with any kind of addiction. I learned a lot by watching the master doing his job! I have been inspired by his creativity and use of EMDR ... and his creative interweaves. I highly recommend taking this on-demand course. Every penny worth it.”

“Dr. Popky is real and serious about healing others and freeing others to heal. He shows how trusting what we know as therapist is important. He frees us to use elective therapies to create more powerful and faster processing. The demonstration of the AIP model always moving toward the positive was most evident in this training. I am grateful to have this opportunity to learn from the such greatness.”

“One of the best EMDR advanced trainings I have watched. I have begun using DeTUR with my clients and having amazing successes! Watching AJ Popky work with clients is invaluable as an EMDR therapist.”

“A.J.'s cognitive interweaves accelerate access to the A.I.P. model faster than any other protocol I've witnessed. Working with addictions and clients with maladaptive behaviors, DeTUR is an essential tool in my tool box. ”