Addictions, both substance and behavioral, are some of the most challenging clinical presentations of our time, necessitating novel treatment approaches that can address the many facets of addiction. Treatment at this level of complexity requires exploration of all possible doorways into healing. EMDR therapy opens many of these doors.

Clinicians who treat trauma within their practices or settings should expect to see addiction show up, whether they are trained and ready for it or not, since the connection between trauma and addiction is virtually inseparable. However, many clinicians express fears about treating this population due to the unpredictability of the behaviors associated with addiction, the dangers clients encounter (both internally and externally) when caught in a cycle of addiction, recovery, and relapse, and the helplessness therapists can feel when faced with these complex challenges. Client examples and personal stories are included in this video.

This 90-minute interview format program asks and answers some key questions about addictions and other maladaptive dependency behaviors and the use of EMDR therapy to treat them.

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    Instructor Bio:

    Susan Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomate in private practice in San Diego, CA. She specializes in the use of EMDR therapy to treat complex trauma and addictions. She was a Principal Investigator in a pilot study using an Integrated Trauma Treatment Program (ITTP) in an adult drug court combining EMDR therapy and Seeking Safety©. She currently integrates Internal Family Systems “informed” ego state work within the EMDR protocol to deepen and enhance treatment with these complex clients.

    She co-authored “Integrated trauma treatment in drug court: Combining EMDR and Seeking Safety” (Brown et al. 2015); Co-authored 2 book chapters, EMDR: Mental Health-Substance Abuse (Brown, Stowasser, & Shapiro, 2012) and EMDR Therapy and the Treatment of Substance Abuse and Addiction, In Innovations in the Treatment of Substance Addiction, (Brown, Stowasser & Shapiro, 2016); and co-authored the article, ‘EMDR in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder’ (Brown & Shapiro, 2006). She has presented nationally on the use of EMDR with trauma and addiction. She is an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant and Basic Training Facilitator for the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program and the EMDR Institute. She currently teaches 2-day workshops on the utilization of EMDR therapy, integrated with ego state applications for complex trauma, addictions, and other self-defeating behaviors.

    Susan Brown, LCSW BCD

  • Instructors

    Instructor Bio:

    Curtis C. Rouanzoin, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist (PSY 7809) and Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 8790) in Orange County, California. He has been in private practice for over 32 years and works with a variety of concerns, ranging from trauma and PTSD to peak performance. Dr. Rouanzoin works with and trains mental health professionals. He also consults with local businesses and health care providers. Dr. Rouanzoin taught for 22 years as a Professor of Psychology at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA. While employed there, he developed the graduate program in MFT and served as chair of the department of psychology. Dr. Rouanzoin is Certified in EMDR, an Approved Consultant, and an Approved Instructor in EMDR. He serves as a senior facilitator and specialty presenter for the EMDR Institute. Dr. Rouanzoin has trained mental health practitioners in EMDR both nationally and internationally. He is one of the three professionals who make up the Traumatic Stress Network (TTSN) in southern California. TTSN provides educational workshops (offering EMDRIA Credits and CEU’s) in topics related to EMDR as well as regional basic training in EMDR in conjunction with the EMDR Institute. Dr. Rouanzoin trains and consults with other professionals in EMDR. He trains clinicians to use EMDR through the Traumatic Stress Network. Trainings incorporate Level 1 and 2 as well as some consultation hours. EMDR Trainings are completed in smaller groups over extended periods of time (as opposed to 2 weekends) in the Orange County area.

    Curtis Rouanzoin, Ph.D.

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