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    1. Hello!

    1. Recommended Reading

    2. Benefits and Pricing

    3. Consultation- Overview

    4. Overview Consultation of Consultation

    1. Approved Consultant Application (Sample- Check EMDRIA for current when you require it!)

    2. Assignment 1: Download EMDRIA Consultation Handbook below

    3. Requirements to Become Approved Consultant

    1. Initial Consultation Hour

    2. Membership Enrollment with EMDR Professional Training

    3. Basic Training- Didactic Portion

    1. About this Module

    2. Introduction

    3. Certification Course Description

    4. Recommended Reading

    5. Necessary Paperwork

    6. What is EMDRIA?

    1. Consultation Evaluation

    2. Treatment Plan- 2 page

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“Loved the Ted Talks and Resources coupled with my time working with Charlotte. Practicing with consultees and having someone to talk to about it made all the difference!”